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Hi there! I am Rosie, a professional wedding videographer based in the UK.
Creating stunning, timeless videos that capture the beauty and emotion of your special day- is my FAVE thing to do.
With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, we will work closely together to ensure that your video perfectly reflects your unique love story. 
I know how hard you will have worked for your wedding day and I will make sure that we work closely together to create your dream wedding film. 

Now, here comes the awkward bit where I tell you a little about myself- I am based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, but I travel all over- and I LOVE to travel. So, don't hesitate to get in touch if you are getting married further afield, I will be more than happy to be your Videographer.

I started this career path after always making my own holiday videos, and just feeling as though they are 1232193 times better than just photographs. (don't get me wrong, photos are SO important too, but videos just tell the story better in my opinion.) When me and my fiancé would come home from a holiday, we would just show our family and friends the 5-10 minute 'best bits' video rather than them swiping through 100+ photos. It's just cool, and I like it, so I now do it all the time for other people on their wedding day. (yay) 

For all of my couples, I get really invested in your love story, and how I can help to recreate that in my films. I love to follow you on socials and see your journey as a married couple together, having babies, buying houses, going on honeymoons, I feel like a proud grandma watching at home tearing up and necking a cuppa. 

Each couple are different, and each wedding day is different, and I am learning more and more each wedding I go to. But, the one thing that I have learnt that I can pass on to you is... 
The day FLIES by. 
I know a lot of people say this, and well, it is kinda cliché but it is sooo true. That is another reason I started this business, because I wanted to ensure that all you lovely people out there spending thousands on your wedding, spending years of your lives planning it, and ripping your hair out in the process, well- you've gotta remember as much as you can. Fingers crossed, this will be the only time you do this. 

I have a German Shepherd, two bunnies and a man child that is my fiancé. I love making my house look pretty, reading, catching up with family and friends, oh and doing laundry.. (JOKES the laundry is the absolute bane of my life that just never ends, and I will be doing it 'til I'm actually an old grandma. What a time to be alive) 

ANYWAY that's enough about me, but if you wanna know more and be nosey about Rosie, then feel free to message me on socials or email me.

Lots of love, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Rosie x

Mr & Mrs Mosby

“After deciding last minute that we wanted a videographer, we fell lucky as Rosie had availability. from the moment I enquired to delivering our video, Rosie's service has been second to none. Rosie was professional, friendly and always getting involved with every part of our day. even getting me in my dress! She captured our day perfectly & We can't recommend her enough! Thank you, thank you and Thank you again."

Holly & Andy

“Thank you so much Rosie for recording our day. The highlights film made the whole family cry again when they heard Andy's vows - so special!
If any one is looking for a Videographer- Check Rosie out"


"Rosie filmed her first wedding at our venue and oh my goodness. Wow! It is absolutely stunning. She is so talented! I am sending it to the director. I can't wait for her to do more and I so wish I'd had her for my own wedding.. :("
  • How do we know if you're the right Videographer for us?
    I'd like to think you're here because you like my work, so that's a good start. But, in terms of HOW I actually work- I like to create natural and life like films. I don't really like heavy editing because it needs to be how you remember it.. Of course, I will tweak here and there to get the best out of your films, but everything will be perfect, I can't make it any more perfect-er. I like to be thought of as another one of your bridal party.. I'm there for YOU on that day. I ain't going anywhere, so you need help with your dress? I'm there. Need help calming your nerves? I'm there. Dancing? I'm there. I don't like to be too much in the background. I like to get involved- some people may be slightly nervous to be filmed all day. I mean unless your Kim K then its gonna feel weird but I like to think that once you get used to me, you kinda forget that I have a camera in my hand. Don't worry I don't just shove it in your face- I will let you adjust first. So for you shy loves out there- don't stress we will be besties by the end of the day. I also am not a posing lover- I prefer documentary style getting the moments in-between poses where you're laughing or chatting about the day <3
  • Do you do photos as well as videos?
    At the moment, no. Photography is very different to Videography, and as much as I love photos, videos are my thaaang for now. Although, I do have lots of photographer friends who I can recommend to you! Just give me a shout
  • Do you travel?
    Of course! I LOVE travelling. I also travel abroad if you're going for a destination wedding. WHENEVER WHEREVER WE'RE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER..
  • We're really shy infront of a camera and not really sure if Videography is for us
    A lot of people are.. I mean unless you're a celeb then you're not going to be used to having a camera follow you around. But, from previous experience with more 'shy' couples- after half an hour or so, you'll be used to me. I tell my couples to just think of me as another member of the bridal party and we can have a laugh. I only want to capture you two together and in love! Another way to think of it is.. you can share your wedding films with whoever you like.. even if that's no one! Keep it to yourselves if you like! If you are the only people who will be watching the finished films, then what is there to be nervous about? (but I bet you share them.. ;) )
  • We want to go ahead.. how do we secure our date?
    Just fill out the contact form or send me an email to let me know that you're ready and you can pay your deposit and sign the contract. The contract covers us both should anything go wrong, (touch wood it rarely does) but once those are both received- then it's official and you're all booked in!
  • How much is the deposit?
    Deposits are £200 to secure your date. :)
  • Do we need to provide a meal for you?
    Yes, please :) I am with you for the majority of the day, and 9/10 times there is nowhere nearby to get food, and there's almost always too much of a rush to grab anything.. So, usually you can ask the venue or caterer to provide a supplier meal, or you can just open a tab behind the bar and I can order food from there.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Of course! If you would like to see my insurance documents, I can provide a copy.
  • When will we receive our Wedding Films?
    As soon as I possibly can. I advise 4-6 weeks, but in busier period this can be up to 10 weeks. This is just because of timings- I don't like to rush your films, and if I have other Weddings, I will have to fit editing in whenever I can. Trust me, I will be as quick as I can! If the timings that I have advised will have to be extended, I will let you know :)
  • What can we expect from you before the Wedding Day?
    Well- as soon as you book, you have access to my client portal where you can keep a track of your payments etc. Then, you will receive my Wedding Videography guide with a little more information about me and what I do, as well as a PDF Wedding Planner to help you out with the planning. There are a few other goodies too that can help you during the planning stages. Then, a few weeks before the wedding day, you will receive a questionnaire of the details of the day, and we will arrange a zoom call to go over everything and we can meet. Before then, I am always just an email away and of course ALWAYS happy to help wherever I can.
  • Do you do Drone Footage?
    YES! One of my fave things- aerial footage of your venue. If the weather allows, and there aren't any flight restrictions at your venue then 100%. Try and stop me!
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